Puerto Angamos


Puerto Angamos is continually committed to the Mejillones community. It has developed a comprehensive plan to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of this community.


The terminal has developed an action plan referred to as “Growing Together”, which is a corporate social responsibility plan that contributes to educational, sport and cultural activities and programs, and provides high quality jobs, thereby directly and indirectly contributing to the local economy.

The benefits provided for community inhabitants have strengthened links between the local community and Puerto Angamos.


Education Puerto Angamos is continually committed to improving the quality of education in the community through the “Mejillones Educational Project”, which benefits all elementary and junior school children. This forms part of the alliance with the Mejillones Industrialists Association, together with the Escondida Mine Foundation, the Municipality of Mejillones and Puerto Angamos.

Sport It has supported the “Puerto Angamos Sailing School” for several years, which benefits school children in Mejillones. This initiative was promoted by Puerto Angamos together with the Yacht Club and school parents. It provides its beneficiaries with an opportunity to participate in a healthy and entertaining activity, which develops values such as discipline, dedication and commitment.

Culture The terminal has participated in various free activities for Mejillones inhabitants. It is continually involved in the Mejillones Theater School, which is responsible for over 45 children and young people from the community.

Welfare Puerto Angamos inaugurated a new office in Antofagasta, and remodeled its office in Mejillones, in order to maintain the same standards for both working environments. The company provides various welfare benefits with respect to health, safety and recreation. The company provides various welfare benefits with respect to health, safety and recreation.

Puerto Angamos will continue to promote several initiatives that develop the inhabitants of the Mejillones community, with the aim of improving the quality of life for each person.